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 Last Updated: Thursday May 05, 2016


EL Displays


Common EL Display issues you will most likely run into that will need attention and possibly replacement. We'll post images below.

Glass substrate delaminating around the edges.

Damaged Glass substrate. This happens often given the displays are used in factories and its easy to damage a display by accident. Secondly, if not properly packaged this can result during shipping. We normally double box these glass displays just to be on the safe side.

damaged glass substrate. LJ640U32  Picture by Capetronics Inc.


Excessive burn-in and a background hue. Actually this display came from a reseller selling a "new" display. Of course this is not new and has excessive burn-in. This also shows a two electrodes that are on all the time. At the bottom of the display you will also notice multiple missing rows. The electronics may be salvageable but the glass substrate is not repairable. Dielectric is failing creating internal shorts between row and column electrodes.    

Excessive burn-in and missing lines. LJ640U34

Below is a picture of two row electrodes that should not be illuminated because we have not supplied the display with the necessary video data yet. Sometimes these can be repaired but if its an internal short, the glass substrate will not be salvageable.  

Bright lines indicating possible short. LJ640U327 Display.


Burn-in that can bee seen with the display in the off state.

At Capetronics Inc we have the ability to repair and test EL Displays from Sharp Electronics and Planar Systems. In some cases we can replace a display that is not repairable. See image below. We are adding to the list everyday so please contact us about replacing your industrial Electroluminescent display

Capetronics C640U32 cross display for the  LJ640U32

 If you have any damaged Sharp EL Displays, Planar Displays or NEC Displays  in your stock we will be happy to make you an offer to purchase them. Contact the Capetronics Sales Department.

Just a few of the Sharp LJ series and Planar EL series displays we repair.

  • Sharp LJ320U27

LJ320U27 Sharp display. We have repaired and supplied many LJ320U27 display for industry. If you have a LJ320U27 that is faulty we suggest you use it for an exchange. Availability on the LJ320U27- hard to find.

  • Sharp LJ512U21

LJ512U21 Sharp display. We have repaired and supplied refurbished LJ512U21 for industry. If you have a LJ512U21 that is faulty we suggest you use it for an exchange with Capetronics. Availability on the Sharp LJ512U21 - hard to find

  • Sharp LJ512U25

This LJ512U25 was used in many different applications and machines. We have repaired and refurbished many LJ512U25 Sharp displays over the years. If you have damaged units, we suggest you save them. Availability on the LJ512U25 - Hard to find.

  • Sharp LJ512U27

The Sharp LJ512U27 have moved through our doors just as much as the Sharp LJ512U25. If the glass part of the display is in tacked then we are 100% able to repair this Sharp LJ512U27. Availability on the LJ512U27 - hard to find.

  • Sharp LJ512U32

The Sharp LJ512U32 is a display that was also used in many different machines and we have repaired many of these LJ512U32. Availability on the LJ512U32 - Hard to find.  If you do find some displays make sure you ask the company you are purchasing from if they have completely refurbished and checked the display for burn-in and possible electrode damage.  Also make sure there is a warranty on your purchase.

  • Sharp LJ640U27

This is a very popular display and is still used in many different pieces of equipment. The LJ640U27 has been repaired and retrofitted at Capetronics Inc on many occasions. You can still find some used ones around. Not many LJ640U27's out there. If you do find some LJ640U27 displays make sure you ask the company you are purchasing from if they have completely refurbished and checked the display for burn-in and possible electrode damage.  Also make sure there is a warranty on your purchase.

  • Sharp LJ640U31

The LJ640U31 is a display that uses 5 VDC and 24 VDC as supply voltage.  These LJ640U31 displays are really robust but because of their age we have seen many with moderate to extreme burn-in images where the ZnS:Mn thin film has been damaged.

  • Sharp LJ640U32

In our experience this is the most repaired display to come through our lab. The LJ640U32 is a 640 line by 400 line resolution. The availability on these LJ640U32 displays is "hard to find" especially in good working condition. We are extremely competent when it comes to the Sharp LJ640U32 displays. We used special test equipment and X-rays to repair and test these displays. Capetronics does have a brand new factory warranty replacement display for the LJ640U34 that is also EL technology.  Part number C640U32

  • Sharp LJ640U34

Still an obsolete LJ640U34 display but a newer EL display made by Sharp. Sharp EL displays were the first commercial EL displays to come onto the market back in 1983. We have repaired many LJ640U34 displays and welcome any that you might have that need repair. If you do find USED LJ640U34 displays make sure that the seller has refurbished them completely and have tested the LJ640U34 for burn-in. There is nothing like having Chinese writing as a burn-in image and we have received many of those. Capetronics does have a brand new factory warranty replacement display for the LJ640U34 that is also EL technology.  Part number C640U34

  • Sharp LJ640U35

This LJ640U35 display is a display that has been used in quiet a few medical products back in its day. Also a very robust display and if the display controller has a screen saver function this LJ640U35 should still be in operation in most cases. Of course there are heat and time sensitive components that should be replaced. Availability on the LJ640U35 is of course "hard to find"

  • Sharp LJ64ZU49 Sharp LJ64ZU51 and Sharp LJ64ZU52

We have repaired and refurbished many LJ64ZU49, LJ64ZU51 and LJ64ZU52 displays over the years. These displays are more complex than the LJ640U32, LJ640U34, LJ640U35 and LJ640U27 displays. These displays have something called gray scale option. The availability on these obsolete displays is slim pickings. Capetronics is working on a NEW EL option and that should be out soon.



Here is a picture below of a rare Sharp LJ640U07 EL Display. We repair them and this one is for sale. Contact the Sales Department at Capetronics Inc

Sharp LJ640U07 EL display at Capetronics Inc   

Below we have a picture of the back of a Planar EL640.400CE 4.



Another EL display that is used on Various Machinery is the Planar EL640.480-AM. This is a picture of the back of it below.

Planar 640.480-AM

We have a quiet a few of these screens Planar EL640.200-U5 REV C (EL640.200-UX) We repair missing lines and pixels on this display as long as the electrodes are not damaged on the glass substrate. Usually if you notice individual missing pixel that is an indication that the screen is beyond repair.  

Planar EL 640.200-U5 REV C

The picture below is a production Planar EL640.400-C3.  Planar EL640.400-C3 Now Beneq EL640.400 series

The picture Below is a Sharp LJ64ZU52.  This is a gray scale EL Display.

Sharp EL64ZU52 and LJ64ZU51 at Capetronics Inc

Pictured here is a Sharp LJ64ZU51. We have one  unit in Stock. This is the 24 V DC model.

Sharp LJ64ZU51.


Below is a picture of yet another rare Sharp EL Display. This is the Sharp LJ512U32 screen. This screen is used in Flight simulators. We also repair and test these screens.

Sharp LJ512U32. Capetronics Repairs these displays for industry.

We also repair the older MD range of EL displays. This is the MD640.350 display pictured below. We also repair the MD640.400 display.

MD640.350 EL Display at www.capetronics.com


Below is a gem of a screen. This is a Sharp LJ320U27. We repair this LJ320U27 and we have six in stock. Please call or email Capetronics for more information.


Sharp LJ320U27 display at www.capetronics.com. Call us!

Below is a picture of a Sharp LJ64H052 EL Display. Contact the service department if you need a repair or contact the sales department if you need to exchange a display.

Sharp LJ64H052 EL Display. Capetronics Inc repairs these EL Displays.  

The next below is a Sharp LJ640U26.  Please contact the service division at Capetronics if you have a repair or would like to get rid of your old display.

Sharp LJ640U26. Contact Capetronics for repair costs.


This next EL Display is from the early 90's and its the NEC PD640G400DA-100B or simply the PD640U400DA. This is a 640 X 400 line almost red EL Display that we  can repair and test using our simulation software and hardware. Capetronics Inc has one available but are always looking for more. We will sell or repair the NEC PD640G400DA-100B

 NEC PD640G400DA-100B EL Display or also known as a Plasma Display.


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