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 Last Updated: Thursday May 05, 2016


Emerald FPC500


Emerald Computers Inc FPC 500  or FPC 570 Controllers are repaired at Capetronics Inc. Damaged displays, main motherboard Emerald FPC 500 printed circuit board, ELO graphics touch screen board can be repaired.  Capetronics Inc can replace the displays with new EL displays currently being manufactured. The Emerald FPC 500 controller came in different packages but to identify them simply look on the main controller board. There should be a part number that is "FPC 500" Some of these controllers used a Sharp EL display and others used the Finlux MD series.  Capetronics is now able to perform a functional testing on the FPC 500 controller.

Testing Emerald FPC500 controller. PN PS195187075520

 Caution: Please double box the controllers when shipping them to Capetronics for repairs. To replace these with an upgrade is going to be very costly, so spend the extra money on shipping supplies.

Emerald FPC500 FPC570 controller repaired by Capetronics

 We perform a predictive and preventive program on the Emerald FPC500 controllers.

Back view of Emerald FPC500 controller

This is a back view of the Emerald FPC500 Controller installed in it's protective housing.

As a precaution we double box these units because of the glass substrate is exposed and can be broken  easily if mishandled. These units come out of a aircraft simulation unit .





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