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 Last Updated: Thursday May 05, 2016




World Leader in EL Display Repair, Retrofit, Refurbishment and New Replacements

Capetronics Inc is a leader in the repair, replacement and reverse engineering of most Amber (Yellowish) Electroluminescence displays manufactured by Planar, Sharp Electronics and Finlux models(MD512.256, MD640.400)   If you have an EL display that is flickering, fading, has missing pixels or is simply dead, contact the Service Department at Capetronics Inc immediately for a free quote. Capetronics service techs are experts in the process of refurbishing and testing these rugged industrial displays.

 We also upgraded the electronics for the Engel Injection Molding machine that utilizes the EC88 controller.

Some Sharp LJ displays we have repaired.

  • Sharp LJ320U27

LJ320U27 Sharp display. We have repaired and supplied many LJ320U27 display for industry. If you have a LJ320U27 that is faulty we suggest you use it for an exchange. Availability on the LJ320U27- hard to find.

  • Sharp LJ512U21

LJ512U21 Sharp display. We have repaired and supplied refurbished LJ512U21 for industry. If you have a LJ512U21 that is faulty we suggest you use it for an exchange with Capetronics. Availability on the Sharp LJ512U21 - hard to find

  • Sharp LJ512U25

This LJ512U25 was used in many different applications and machines. We have repaired and refurbished many LJ512U25 Sharp displays over the years. If you have damaged units, we suggest you save them. Availability on the LJ512U25 - Hard to find.

  • Sharp LJ512U27

The Sharp LJ512U27 have moved through our doors just as much as the Sharp LJ512U25. If the glass part of the display is in tacked then we are 100% able to repair this Sharp LJ512U27. Availability on the LJ512U27 - hard to find.

  • Sharp LJ512U32

The Sharp LJ512U32 is a display that was also used in many different machines and we have repaired many of these LJ512U32. Availability on the LJ512U32 - Hard to find.  If you do find some displays make sure you ask the company you are purchasing from if they have completely refurbished and checked the display for burn-in and possible electrode damage.  Also make sure there is a warranty on your purchase.

  • Sharp LJ640U27

This is a very popular display and is still used in many different pieces of equipment. The LJ640U27 has been repaired and retrofitted at Capetronics Inc on many occasions. You can still find some used ones around. Not many LJ640U27's out there. If you do find some LJ640U27 displays make sure you ask the company you are purchasing from if they have completely refurbished and checked the display for burn-in and possible electrode damage.  Also make sure there is a warranty on your purchase.

  • Sharp LJ640U31

The LJ640U31 is a display that uses 5 VDC and 24 VDC as supply voltage.  These LJ640U31 displays are really robust but because of their age we have seen many with moderate to extreme burn-in images where the ZnS:Mn thin film has been damaged.

  • Sharp LJ640U32

In our experience this is the most repaired display to come through our lab. The LJ640U32 is a 640 line by 400 line resolution. The availability on these LJ640U32 displays is "hard to find" especially in good working condition. We are extremely competent when it comes to the Sharp LJ640U32 displays. We used special test equipment and X-rays to repair and test these displays. Capetronics does have a brand new factory warranty replacement display for the LJ640U34 that is also EL technology.  Part number C640U32

  • Sharp LJ640U34

Still an obsolete LJ640U34 display but a newer EL display made by Sharp. Sharp EL displays were the first commercial EL displays to come onto the market back in 1983. We have repaired many LJ640U34 displays and welcome any that you might have that need repair. If you do find USED LJ640U34 displays make sure that the seller has refurbished them completely and have tested the LJ640U34 for burn-in. There is nothing like having Chinese writing as a burn-in image and we have received many of those. Capetronics does have a brand new factory warranty replacement display for the LJ640U34 that is also EL technology.  Part number C640U34

  • Sharp LJ640U35

This LJ640U35 display is a display that has been used in quiet a few medical products back in its day. Also a very robust display and if the display controller has a screen saver function this LJ640U35 should still be in operation in most cases. Of course there are heat and time sensitive components that should be replaced. Availability on the LJ640U35 is of course "hard to find"

  • Sharp LJ64ZU49 Sharp LJ64ZU51 and Sharp LJ64ZU52

We have repaired and refurbished many LJ64ZU49, LJ64ZU51 and LJ64ZU52 displays over the years. These displays are more complex than the LJ640U32, LJ640U34, LJ640U35 and LJ640U27 displays. These displays have something called gray scale option. The availability on these obsolete displays is slim pickings. Capetronics is working on a NEW EL option and that should be out soon.



Capetronics Inc has a complete kit that will convert EL8358MS to a newer display and we have a conversion kit that will convert obsolete Sharp LJ panels like the LJ640U31 LJ640U32, LJ640U34, LJ640U35, LJ640U327 and the LJ640U27 to a currently available Capetronics C640U32,C640U31, C640U34, C640U27 EL Panels.

At present we have successfully converted an EL6648MSS using extra electronics. We have also converted an EL6648MS. 

Engel Display- EC88. The Capetronics Retrofit is here. The perfect replacement Part # C640U32. Lower profile, draws less current than the original, add more years to your Engel injection molding machine, added heat vents and much more robust than your original display. 1 Year Warranty. Fill out a request form.  Stoll knitting machine screen replacement is here too CMS 420 and CMS422 Stoll, CMS Stoll 440! Contact Capetronics for more information. Nissei screen replacement is ready. Battenfeld screen replacement is ready. Van Dorn screen replacement is ready.

Capetronics C640U32 cross display for the Sharp LJ640U32

This is the C640U32 for the Engel EC88 Injection Molding Machine.

Capetronics Inc has successfully converted a Sharp LJ640U32 and Sharp LJ640U34. Yes, there is a cheaper more robust solution. You heard it first at the leaders in EL Panels repairs and retrofits. 

Contact Capetronics for more information on the LJ640U327 , LJ640U327R,LJ640U32R,LJ640U31R,LJ640U34R,LJ320U27,LJ640U31  LJ640U32 LJ640U34 or the LJ640U35 and the LJ089MB2S01 LJ512U25 LJ512U27 LJ512U32  LJ320U27 LJ64ZU51 LJ64ZU52 EL Displays or any other Sharp EL display that you may have. We also repair Planar EL Displays (EL640.200-U5 Assy.) Keep in mind that these obsolete  EL Displays can be repaired by Capetronics in record turn around times if need be. The Sharp  LJ640U27 LJ640U32, Sharp LJ640U31, Sharp LJ640U35, LJ64ZU35 and the Sharp LJ640U34 EL, LJ64ZU48, LJ64ZU51 and LJ64ZU52  displays can also be EVALUATED REPAIRED & SHIPPED OUT. We also perform a voltage calibration on these screens and Capetronics Inc can provide documentation at an extra cost. As stated before we check our work using X-Ray images in real time, we use thermo-graphics on displays that are under test. We perform Predictive and Preventive Maintenance on every screen that goes through the service department at Capetronics Inc.  

Please contact us for more information regarding your Sharp LJ64ZU49, LJ64ZU50, LJ64ZU51 LJ64ZU52 LJ640U25 LJ640U27 LJ640U31 LJ640U32 LJ640U34 and LJ640U35 series EL display or Finlux and Planar Displays.

Engel Plastic Injection Molding Machines using the EC88 machine controller use a LJ640U32 panel. We have performed a study and we are able to increase the life span of your EL flat panel just by simple predictive and preventive maintenance. We have loaner screens that we send out so that production is not affected. These are available if they are not being used as a loaner already. Ask us about our preventive maintenance program for your aging EL display manufactured by Sharp and Planar Systems Inc. We have maintenance programs with multi billion dollar companies as well as smaller companies. Everyone can save money.

Have a look at common problems with these screens and the DO's and DON'Ts guideline when you start to observe these problems.

To view more pictures and information on the LJ640U31 LJ640U32 LJ640U34  go to this page Electronic Service. 


The list below are the Sharp LJ Series displays we have repaired over the last 16 years of specializing in Electroluminescent Displays. If yours is in the list we might be able to assist you too:

Sharp LJ640U32, Sharp LJ640U31,
Sharp LJ640U35, Sharp LJ640U34 EL Displays

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