Electroluminescent Displays

Electroluminescence: The non-thermal generation of light from the application of an electric field upon a substance  and it was first discovered in 1936 by a French physicist named Destriau. 

Welcome to Capetronics, your trusted source for all things related to EL Displays. With over 20 years of experience, we have been dedicated to repairing, retrofitting, replacing, and refurbishing EL Displays since 2001. Our expertise lies in Electroluminescent (EL) technology, and we are passionate about harnessing its full potential.

Thin film EL is an incredibly fascinating technology that, when utilized correctly, produces displays of exceptional robustness. We draw inspiration from industry leaders like Beneq, who have mastered the art of leveraging EL technology to create displays that surpass expectations.

What sets EL Displays apart is their non-thermal generation of light through the application of an electric field. This groundbreaking discovery was made back in 1936 by the renowned French physicist Destriau. Since then, EL Displays have evolved to become a cornerstone of modern display technology.

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