/Emerald FPC500 Single Board Computer.
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Emerald FPC500, FPC5750 display and controller repaired by Capetronics
Possible Repair 95%
Possible Replacement 50%

Emerald FPC500 & FPS570-C Single Board Computer.

Obsolete Emerald Computers Inc FPC 500 or FPS570-C Controllers are repaired at Capetronics Inc with 95% success rate. Damaged displays, main motherboard Emerald FPC 500B printed circuit board, ELO graphics touch screen board can be repaired. Capetronics Inc can repair or replace the ALL displays with new Electroluminescent displays. The Emerald FPC 500  and the FPS570-C controller came in different packages but to identify them simply look on the main controller board. There should be a part number that is "FPC 500" Some of these controllers used a Sharp EL display and others used the Finlux MD series. Capetronics is also able to perform a functional testing sequence on the FPC 500 controller as well as the Emerald FPC500B printed circuit boards. Part numbers to look for include FPS570-C,   Carroll Touch Systems & PS195187-06-5-520. If you have any question please use the form below or use this service request form. Service Request

Caution: Please double box the controllers when shipping them to Capetronics for repairs and protect the sensitive touchscreen.




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We received the display yesterday, and I thought it appropriate to send you these pics. Congrats to all there on a job well done! Now, if I can only figure out how to test a "Positioner/Programmer", lol...



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