Camac VEL Camac XTL and Camac BEL display and controller repair by Capetronics
  • Blank Display

  • Cracked Display

  • Flickering Display

  • Missing Lines or Pixels

  • No Display or Keypad indicator lights

  • Damaged Keypad Buttons


The CAMAC VEL and CAMAC XTL Controller by Cincinnati Milacron

The Camac VEL and the Camac XTL  Operator Panel’s are possible to repair be it the aging EL display, power or semiconductor failure. The original electroluminescent  displays in the CAMAC  VEL and XTL controllers very often have to be replaced because of glass substrate damage.  Your new display will be bright and crisp. Due to the manufacturing environment in factories we always end up replacing the cooling fans for the electronics.  Below we have listed the 3 units that we deal with on a regular basis. 

Camac VEL 3-424-2018A Manufactured by CINCINNATI MILACRON

Camac XTL 3-424-2011A Manufactured by CINCINNATI MILACRON

Camac XTL 3-424-2132A Manufactured by CINCINNATI MILACRON

A closer look at the CAMAC VEL and XTL  Series

Capetronics Inc will replace the old EL display and install conversion electronics. You would need to ship your controller to Capetronics Inc for this service. Please fill out the Return Authorization form below to start the process. We also perform predictive and preventive  maintenance by replacing time and heat sensitive components on your motherboard including the cooling fan as we mentioned before.


Capetronics Inc has specialized in the EL Display Technology business since 2001, servicing EL Displays made by Planar, Finlux, Sharp and Beneq.

Apart from Repairing and Refurbishing obsolete and out of warranty EL Displays we are also the USA Distributor for the Lumineq line of Electroluminescent Displays manufactured by Beneq (purchased from Planar in 2012).

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