EL8358HR display

EL8358HR – Planar EL Series

The EL8358HR – Planar EL Series display is an Electroluminescent (EL) display.

Planar EL8358HR 640×400 resolution. Comes with high voltage DC-DC power supply which serves as a interconnecting board for the TTL digital video signals too.

The Obsolete EL8358HR was a compact, rugged, high-resolution electroluminescent (EL) display which replaced  the bulky CRT for virtually all microcomputer-based product designs in the 1980’s-1990’s. Its compact dimensions keep overall system size to an economical minimum. It  was designed to function in extreme environments, and its crisp display is viewable under most lighting conditions at wide viewing angles. It was easy to install and reduced system integration costs back in the day.
The EL8358HR is a 640 column by 400 row flat panel display. The pixel aspect ratio is 1:1. The display may be user-programmable through the 16-pin input connector to behave as a  200, 350, or 400 line display, providing compatibility with VGA , EGA, and conventional 400 line display formats.
Input required is CRT-type and

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