EL640.480-AM Displays

EL640.480-AM1 – Lumineq® EL Series

The Lumineq® EL640.480 AM1

The Lumineq® EL640.480-AM1– Planar EL Series display is an Electroluminescent (EL) display that Capetronics has the capability to possibly refurbish, repair or replace with a brand new unit. If your glass substrate is damaged a replacement would be the only option at this time.

The AM series of 10.4″ diagonal VGA products offers designers an affordable and easily-implemented path to incorporate flat panel solutions to meet
display requirements. Utilizing Beneq’s proprietary ICEBrite technology (Integrated Contrast and Brightness Enhancement), these displays excel in ambient light environments ranging from dark rooms to nearly sunlight. This proprietary technology achieves very high contrast and exceptionally clear images. These displays are easy to integrate, enabling the quick replacement of existing LCDs. This family utilizes a common 8-bit FPD-type interface compatible with most LCD video controller chips. Up to five distinct gray levels are enabled by frame rate modulation algorithms generated by the controller chips.


Capetronics Inc has specialized in the EL Display Technology business since 2001, servicing EL Displays made by Planar, Finlux, Sharp and Beneq.

Apart from Repairing and Refurbishing obsolete and out of warranty EL Displays we are also the USA Distributor for the Lumineq line of Electroluminescent Displays manufactured by Beneq (purchased from Planar in 2012).